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Lucidwork’s Next-Generation Fusion Platform

Fusion Server

Fusion Server combines the Apache Solr open-source search engine with the distributed power of Apache Spark for artificial intelligence. Highly scalable, Fusion Server indexes and stores data for real-time discovery.

Fusion AI

Fusion AI applies machine learning at the moment of data ingest for: NLP, document classification, and topic detection. At query time, Fusion AI predicts the user’s intent and returns relevant, hyper-personalized results.

Fusion App Studio

Fusion App Studio allows search engineers to rapidly develop rich applications. It combines an integrated development environment, powerful pre-fabricated components, and APIs for developing powerful search UIs.

CADnection is Lucidworks’ engineering and manufacturing domain partner. As a partner, we help extend the search capabilities of Lucidworks’ Fusion Platform into all the major computer-aided-design applications such as AutoCAD, Catia, Inventor, NX, SolidWorks, and Revit. Users can now easily find and view data that’s been trapped in CAD files and models across disparate file folders and silowed applications such as ECM, PLM, PDM, ERP, MES, and MRO systems. Highlights include, intelligent data extraction, integrated 3D and 2D visualization, P&ID dynamic-navigation, BOM structure navigation, “where-used” insights, and “composed of” relationships. CADnection is a business unit of vdR Group.


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