Controlled and Secure Access

Document Management with Aras includes version and change control for files in multiple formats in a secure, searchable repository. Users across multiple teams and locations now have easy access to critical information required for the projects they are working on.

Key Features

  • Manages all types of documents and file formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, drawings, TIF and more
  • Associates documents directly to products or projects
  • Secure storage in optionally distributed and replicated file vaults
  • Simple and advanced full text search modes
  • Document lifecycle status management, versioning and user access control
  • Comprehensive revision and version control and change control workflows

Document Management Using Microsoft Office

Watch a demonstration of the business requirements for document management and how Aras Office Connector supports those requirements.


  • Easy access to critical documents reduces unnecessary errors and delays
  • Secure online collaboration supports global product development and supply chain collaboration strategies
  • User authentication and access management increases control over critical intellectual property
  • Ability to include documents in all PLM processes increases engineering efficiencies

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