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Aras Next Generation Requirements Management

Prototype Demonstration


 How are you managing your requirements? Spreadsheets and documents are not the answer. Aras' Requirements Management application helps to extend your digital thread by connecting your product data to your requirements. In this demo, Pawel Chadzynski will pull the curtain back on some work the Aras development team has been doing on that application. This is an example of how we can re-use our platform capabilities and services. We have utilized our Technical Documentation Framework and Content Modeling Framework to deliver added functionality to the RM application. While this is still a PROTOTYPE, we wanted to connect with our community to show what we are working on. 

Join Aras Product Manager, Pawel Chadzynski to get a look at a PROTOTYPE of our next generation requirements management application. This new version utilizes technology developed in our other recent applications to create a fresh, simple interface.