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Creating a Foundation For Your Digital Thread with Effective Configuration Management

Organizations would like to be able to create a Digital Thread of assets (parts, CAD models, documents, process plans, service manuals, etc.) to help with fault investigation, change impact analysis, design validation and other use cases. However, the fragmented architecture and fragile configuration management of legacy PDM makes it impossible to manage complex product configurations and maintain a digital thread.

The Aras PLM Platform provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration of a product throughout its life. This methodology maintains connections between digital assets that work across system and geographic boundaries, controls access, respects configuration rules, and persists for years. The result is a robust digital thread connecting all aspects of your product data.

Join Aras Chief Architect Rob McAveney to see how Aras Configuration Management capability will enable your digital thread.

What you will see:

  • Product structures at various lifecycle states (as-designed, as-planned, as-built)
  • Linking product data (requirements, documents, CAD, quality plans, manufacturing plans. etc.)
  • Change management & impact analysis
  • Fixed and floating configurations