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Planning Complex Products with the Aras PLM Platform

Manufacturers struggle with managing the projects and programs of complex smart, connected products. Project management is often an isolated methodology with no visibility to the tasks, resources, and deliverables, leading to increased risk and wasted time.

Leading organizations achieve success by combining proven project management approaches, stage-gate methods and comprehensive risk management. Project Management with Aras enables organizations to manage new product development and project management in a single environment, simplifying processes and improving adoption. By linking product deliverables like CAD models or documents to project tasks, completion status and control are significantly enhanced. Improved task accountability shortens development cycles and helps to reduce risk.

Join Karsten Lies, Aras Solution Consultant to see a detailed demonstration and learn how your organization can optimize its resources and reduce project costs.

What you will see:

  • Project templates based on PMI principles
  • Linking elements to product data
  • Stage-gate process
  • Forward, backward and milestone scheduling
  • Interactive dashboard & reports