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Live Aras Demo - Breaking Down Barriers with Aras Visual Collaboration


Legacy PLM systems have long struggled to provide a secure, connected, collaborative environment for promoting efficient product development among widely dispersed participants. Files created by specialist authoring tools (like MCAD/ECAD) are not easily accessible to other team members, and there are no easy ways to securely share comments in context.

Aras Visual Collaboration, a core capability in the Aras PLM Platform, breaks down communication barriers, allowing you to easily view and comment on parts and documents, providing security, control, and context to your product development discussions. Aras Visual Collaboration provides everyone from engineering, manufacturing, quality, and suppliers the ability to communicate more effectively, make decisions quickly, and solve problems faster.

During this 30-minute demonstration you will learn how Aras Visual Collaboration is a key component in enabling your organization to adopt a true Digital Twin/Digital Thread methodology, streamlining your Product Development process in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Join Aras Solutions Consultant, Gary Wilmot, to see how Visual Collaboration enables multiple participants to communicate securely and effectively to quickly identify and solve real-world issues. Gary has worked in the PLM Industry for over 20 years, helping organizations of all types and sizes improve their Product Development processes. This demonstration will highlight:

  • Seamless viewing of multiple file formats with no installs or plugins
  • Secure in-context mark-up viewables and comments
  • Controlling discussion visibility and participation using the Aras Innovator security model
  • Support for mobile platforms


Gary Wilmont, Aras Solutions Consultant