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Quality Planning

Global product markets are more competitive daily. Organizations must release new products that attain the highest levels of quality. If not, they not only face market share losses, but negative publicity which can significantly impact their bottom line. Add to this, the endless pressure to deliver new and updated products in shorter timeframes, means identifying quality product issues are a high priority for organizations. 

Integrated pro-active Quality Planning is essential for organizations to achieve a significant competitive advantage. Cross functional teams utilize Quality Planning to ensure that potential issues and risks, are discovered and addressed throughout product and process development. 

Join Karsten Lies, Aras Solutions Consultant and Quality Guru, to discover how Aras Innovator provides a fully integrated Quality Planning solution. Karsten will demonstrate how tying product design and process Quality Planning data from preliminary product designs, through production released products to your product structured data, ensures the product has been evaluated and mitigated for product related risks.

Later Event: January 17
Change Management