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The Aras Flexible PLM Platform

The Aras Product Innovation Platform has the flexibility that you need to make the Aras Innovator PLM solution match your exact business needs. With other PLM systems, changes to the default behaviors and data model are either complicated or flat out not possible.

Changing the out-of-the-box forms, permissions, lifecycles, workflows, and even modeling a specific application from the ground up is within your reach with no to minimal need to write code. You will see how easy it can be to modify the Aras Innovator system.

If changing our PLM system has seemed harder than an Act of Congress, you’ll want to attend this demo series that shows real-time modifications the Aras Innovator system using the Administrator capabilities of the web client.

Join Lisa Costa, Community Technical Manager at Aras, to see how easy it is to add fields to a form, modify a workflow, make a minor change to the OOTB data model by creating a new relationship between existing ItemTypes, and also make a more significant change to the data model by creating a new ItemType with associated forms, lifecycles, etc.

Later Event: April 19
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