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Simplifying Document Management

Complex product definitions often require extensive documentation, from a variety of authoring tools. Managing and maintaining these documents, as they and the underlying product design go through multiple revisions, can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task in traditional PLM/PDM systems.

The Microsoft® Office Connector for Aras Innovator® provides an intuitive and convenient way to manage Microsoft documents in Aras within Office applications. Users can create, store, edit, search and manage documents while working within the familiar, easy to use Microsoft environment.

Join Gary Wilmot, Aras Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant, as he demonstrates how the Office Connector for Aras improves personal productivity while driving standardization, consistency and compliance throughout the enterprise.

This 30-minute demonstration will highlight the capabilities of the Microsoft® Office Connector for Aras Innovator® in the areas of:

  • Search - Search files from within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Linking - Create relationships between documents and Aras items such as Parts, Drawings, Projects, and other PLM items from within Microsoft Office.

  • Revision & Version Control - Configurable revision and version control on documents provides traceability and assures that users always work with the correct version

  • Enterprise Change Management - Apply lifecycle states, approval workflows and sign-offs to documents

  • Security & Compliance - Document controls, tracking, traceability and audit trails streamline and simplify compliance