Application Integrations

The vdR Group architects, designs and develops off-the-shelf application integrations and related solutions for partners with clients in design, engineering, and manufacturing.

The cornerstone of vdR’s technology portfolio is a combination of a robust data exchange platform coupled with application specific “adapters”. In some instances the platform and selected adapters are pre-packaged as standalone solutions, while in other instances they are custom adapters developed to support a client’s specific needs.

Our data exchange platform solution is specifically designed to treat the diversity of product data objects such as drawings, parts and assemblies that can be exchanged between various applications.

The associated “data exchange adapters”, or DXAs, facilitate the exchange of data between applications. These DXAs typically link to an application via its native API. DXAs have been developed for various CAD, enterprise content management (ECM), ERP, and PDM/PLM applications.