Automatic Document Numbering

OpenText Automatic Document Numbering (ADN) enables automatic control of flexible and complex document numbering schemes by systems based on OpenText Content Server (Livelink). ADN handles all complex document numbering needs, allowing for many types of numbering structures to be built using attribute prefixes, suffixes and constants combined with sequential numbering.

CAD Manager

OpenText CAD Manager for Autodesk AutoCAD® and Bentley MicroStation® are designed to introduce data from engineering departments into a corporate document management system. To manage the complex relationships between engineering drawings stored in OpenText Content Server/Livelink, CAD Manager includes an intuitive structure that differentiates between parent relationships, child relationships, and more. CAD Manager provides seamless access to OpenText Content Server. Users can interact with the OpenText content management directly from AutoCAD and MicroStation menus or via a Batch Processor that allows for the check in/out of multiple files.