Preparation Survey for the Onsite Presentation Addressing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Data from this survey will help improve the relevance and effectiveness of the material presented in the up-coming session.  This survey is anonymous and the estimated time to complete is 2 minutes.

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1. Role & Department
What is your role and department within TE SubCom?
2. Operational Characteristics
How strongly do you agree with the following statements?
I can quickly find all of the data, files, drawings and related information that I need.
Once I have found what I need, I am confident that it is the most current version.
The various processes I participate in are repeatable and consistent. (e.g. engineering change, problem report, etc. ...)
I can collaborate with others to review, markup, share, and comment on content I’m involved with.
I am confident that information I work with is secure and adheres to privacy and compliance best-practices.
I can get immediate visibility into the status of the activities I participate in or manage.
3. Functional Characteristics
Which of the following functional capabilities are vital to your work?
If "other," please specify.
4. Topics of Interest
Please identify any questions or topics you would like addressed in the upcoming PLM presentation?