Complete Control and Oversight of Capital Projects and Assets 

To capture the greatest value from their information and investments, AEC companies are seeking greater integration between their engineering document management solution and other core business processes and systems across their organization. By integrating Master Data Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Financial Controls processes, you gain greater business insight and increased performance in

project execution and delivery − ensuring that information is available in the right context, across the total life of your asset.   AEC solutions help create a single, authoritative repository for storing and organizing engineering documents for engineers and supporting teams with a secure, collaborative web-based environment to create, capture, review, and manage, both completed and work-in-progress engineering documents. 


AEC Solutions Can Help: 

  • Manage information and secure collaboration on maintenance and Capital Projects, to deliver faster handover.
  • Ensure compliance of your processes and information with strict health, safety, environment and regulatory requirements.
  • Contract to delivery – effectively managing risk, renewals and scope changes across the entire supply chain with AEC solutions.
  • Manage concurrent revision control of specialized engineering documents and master data with Engineering Document Management and Document Control. 

AEC Solutions Overview 

Create, capture, review, and manage, all your engineering documents from a single, secure repository. 

Marathon Oil Success Story

With OpenText ECM, Marathon Oil has realized productivity savings and has the ability to make decisions on relevant and more trusted information.


Preconfigured AEC Applications


Highlights and Benefits

  • Concurrent work and collaboration across the supply-chain by leveraging a single source of product, process and resource definition.
  • Rapidly develops and manages more variants while maximizing part reuse by using templates, morphing techniques and knowledge management.
  • Build the product right the first time by designing and validating multi-disciplinary data – from structure to engine and system – within a single digital mock-up.
  • Accelerate the start of production by defining production lines concurrently with product design.
  • Provides supply-chain and manufacturing with visibility into evolving requirement and design changes so that scheduling delays and costly rework can be avoided.
  • Optimizes design, operation, and maintenance processes to improve customer experiences and reduce the cost of ownership.
  • Adopts quality methodologies and best practices for critical processes that improve aircraft quality and speed up certification.
  • Drives cost out of design and production processes across the organization through automation, streamlining, and synchronization. 

AEC Resources

AEC Case Studies

Marathon Oil 

Marathon Oil had three primary objectives. First and foremost it was trying to enhance the ability for Marathon staff to create, find, and share relevant, up-to-date, and trusted information.  That was the key point of the whole initiative.  The second objective was to eliminate out-of-date and duplicate information; and the third key objective was to preserve information that is required for legal and regulatory compliance.  Read More


OpenText Records Management provides Enbridge with a structured and transparent way to maintain records from creation through to eventual disposition.  "The OpenText suite really is the foundation of our records management program and practice at Enbridge. It provides us with the audit trail, security and rock-solid infrastructure that we need to rely on."  Read More


Husky staff have easy access to unstructured content within the context of SAP business processes. They have improved efficiency due to easy access to information. Unstructured content receives records management classifications. SAP master data drives retention schedules and automation of classifications. Husky is able to leverage and re-use their IT ... Read More