Business Value of CAD Connectors in Aras

Don't Get Locked In

Discover the basics of Aras' CAD framework and how the connectors can improve design workflows, collaboration, and visibility. CAD data is a key component of product design and supports a wide range of downstream processes including virtual prototyping, work instructions, and technical publications. Managing CAD data through enterprise processes provides a huge advantage for the business and is often a top priority of PLM initiatives.

Leverage All Your CAD Data

PDM with Aras provides secure and consistent management of the creation, change and archive of information from all popular MCAD and ECAD systems. Integration with PDM/PLM makes it available across the enterprise as well as supply chain partners and fully integrates it with part and BOM structures.

Key Features

  • Connectors available for all popular MCAD and ECAD tools
  • Single integrated environment for managing multi-disciplinary, multi-tool CAD data
  • CAD file lifecycle status management, versioning and user access control
  • Part and BOM items extracted and synchronized with PDM/PLM
  • CAD and documents automatically linked to corresponding parts
  • Viewables automatically created for Visual Collaboration


  • A single system integrated with enterprise processes for all engineering data reduces unnecessary errors and delays
  • Supports global development and supply chain collaboration strategies
  • User authentication and access management increases control over critical intellectual property
  • Include CAD data in all PLM processes increases engineering efficiencies