Aras Innovator Demo Series - Effectivity

A single product structure can handle numerous configurations by using effectivity that identifies what is valid to be used under different conditions. Managing such a configurable structure is more efficient than managing a structure for each unique instance.

Effectivity Services on the Aras PLM Platform provides the means to set effectivity within structures, as well as the effectivity resolution engine that resolves structures for any given effectivity criteria.

If your business uses effectivity in managing product data, join this webinar to understand how you can use Aras for effectivity management to fit your business needs.

You will learn how to define effectivity variables relevant to your business (such as date, model, unit, lot, batch, and plant), set effectivity conditions on relationships, and recursively resolve structures based on effectivity criteria to generate configured structures.

Ayla Singhal, with 20 years of experience in PLM software and consulting, is a Product Manager at Aras.