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Sales & Quoting Enablement

Quoting represents the "headwaters" of product information and customer requirements. Improving quotation efficiency and promoting sales data reuse is a critical first step to digital transformation. The automotive supplier solution equips sales teams with the tools to effectively collaborate with internal stakeholders and the customer while collecting and managing as-quoted data.


  • Maintain as quoted profit margins 
  • Improve RFQ response time and costs
  • Reduce redundant data entry and searching
  • Improve data security
  • Streamline collaboration
  • Promote data reuse and lessons learned 


  • Quote revision change management
  • Compare as-quoted, planned, and actual
  • Real-time financial forecasting and costing
  • Secure cross functional collaboration tools
  • Integration into ERP/MRP 
  • Manage and configure quoting workflows

BOM & Configuration Management

Providing a common and integrated source of BOM information and tools across your organization is critical. Whether you need basic BOM management, or more advanced features, vdR Automotive Supplier Solution can provides BOM management tools to ensure accurate product definitions for all stakeholders.


  • Reduce risk with digital validation of product configurations in context
  • Reduce errors through automated data synchronization across product views and downstream BOMs


  • Integrate cross-discipline design authoring tools directly or via legacy PLM/PDM/ALM 
  • Redlining, impact analysis, and visualization 
  • Connect and support critical processes such as requirements, project management, etc.

APQP Based Program Management


Compliance & Sustainability


Software & Connectivity

Whether managing new product introduction (NPI) or a change to a released product, ensuring change- related risk is managed successfully is critical. Traditional product quality planning facilitated collaboration between engineering activities, but next generation quality planning goes beyond engineering and manages cross functional activities including design, procurement, manufacturing, and sales, among others.


  • Ensure product specifications cascade from concept to customer
  • Faster product development cycles
  • Leverage lessons learned to reduce risk


  • Integrated tools for FMEA, MSA, SPC & PPAPs
  • Workflow and Task Assignment Automation
  • Product quality planning integrated into the program timeline

Forward looking automotive suppliers recognize the importance of compliance and sustainability. vdR Automotive Supplier Solution provides integrated tools to cost-effectively manage the requirements for REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, IPC-1752A, and similar regulatory directives.


  • Reduce errors and rework costs 
  • Minimize risk of significant fines, restricted market access, and damage to brand
  • Stay compliant with easy reporting and analysis of the product material information


  • Automate substance declarations to suppliers
  • BOM check identifies substances of concern used in product structures
  • Manage materials in the context of customer defined and managed catalogs

Software and connected parts are driving new opportunities for automotive suppliers but managing software development complexity is a big challenge. The vdR Automotive Supplier Solutions integrates AML and PLM allowing software to be managed as part of the BOM. This approach dramatically improves requirement and change management to accelerate development, improve quality, and reduce corrective actions.  


  • Improve cross-discipline visibility of change 
  • Streamline validation of software and product requirements
  • Accelerate development by managing and sharing data across domains and products 


  • Integrated product amd software requirements management
  • Integrated product and software change 
  • Manage hardware and software dependencies

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