BOM Management helps organizations manage and synchronize multiple sources of BOM data in order to create and maintain mBOMs... Learn More 

Project Management enables organizations to manage new product development and engineer-to-order processes for complex ...  Learn More

In order to guide the development of new products and verify completion, a clear set of requirements is required. But in the case of complex ... Learn More


Against a background of evolving requirements, unforeseen technology challenges and pressure to control cost and timelines ... Learn More

Enhance supply chain planning and tractability across all suppliers and outsource business partners within the extended... Learn More

Developing complex products, manufacturing and maintaining them through their life requires managing evolving configurations... Learn More


With increasing product complexity and shortening development cycles, ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance is a challenge.  Learn More

Component engineering simplifies electronic component selection, approval, sourcing and compliance processes.  Learn More

Today’s disconnected systems, reconciling MBOMs, process plans and work instructions can be time-consuming and error-prone.  Learn More


Integrate ALM into your enterprise processes as software-enabled products become the norm. Companies are facing the challenge... Learn More

As organizations strive to reduce time to market and minimize delays, integration between PLM and ERP is a prerequisite.  Learn More

Whether your goal is to integrate or migrate your PDM system to Aras Innovator we have you covered.  Learn More


Core PDM Solutions


As product complexity increases and organizations become reliant on their supply chains, managing the change process is ... Learn More

Don't get locked in.  CAD data is a key component of product design and supports a wide range of downstream processes. Learn More

Document Management with Aras includes version and change control, an Office connector, and a secure, searchable repository.  Learn More


Aras' collaboration tools provide the fastest and simplest way to collaborate securely across disciplines and organizations. Learn More

Integrated visualization provides the fastest, simplest way to collaborate securely across disciplines and organizations. Learn More


Parts Management provides complete control over the lifecycle of parts including automated workflows to manage the approval processes... Learn More



Platform Solutions


Security and access is a key requirement for any enterprise system today.  This is especially critical for... Learn More

For successful global operation, companies need enterprise systems that support localized user interfaces and local language data... Learn More

Productivity often suffers from time wasted while searching for the right information or document. vdR’s search features capture... Learn More


Aras Self-Service Reporting is an easy to use capability which allows any user to configure new reports without special knowledge. Learn More

A workflow defines the set of activities representing the template for a business process such as an ECO approval. Workflows ensure... Learn More


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