Consumer Goods

Faced with increasing customer demands, shorter and shorter cycle times, fierce global competition, thinner margins and greater regulatory controls, Consumer Goods companies need solutions that simplify operations, speed product development and optimize product cost structures.

Kolcraft gained new capabilities and strategic competitive advantage with Aras PLM to turn it into America's most profitable mattress manufacture .

MEGA Brands improved product profitability using Aras to manage overseas outsourced suppliers for more successful new products.

Kinnerton Confectionary, Britain's largest manufacturer of chocolate and novelty confectionary, needed a way of organizing and streamli

Leverage Global Resources to Improve Time to Market, Product Quality and Customer Responsiveness

Consumer Packaged Goods companies need sustainable growth while delighting consumers during a period of unprecedented uncertainty and change. Continued globalization of supply, competitive pressures, empowered consumers, and the complex regulatory environments necessitate companies work from a single source of truth to drive more efficiency.

Aras Innovator's approach to the Consumer Goods industry is different.  It focuses on helping companies better connect with consumers’ hearts and minds, with what they need, want, and believe.  How can companies create, test, market, and deliver winning innovations with speed to generate value for their business and delight their consumers?  


Packaging - Responsive customer focused package design  

  • Decrease material and design costs between 
  • Shorten design through smart reuse
  • Eliminate package-related recalls
  • Drive reuse of existing designs to accelerate expansion into new markets 

Product - Complete formula creation and maintenance 

  • Minimize product recalls
  • Reduce supplier sourcing expenses 
  • Improve user and consumer loyalty by providing products that delight
  • Reduce development time

Shelf & Presence - Win consumer selection through brand and presence 

  • Improve collaboration between productions and retail with a one source of product data 
  • Accelerate time to shelf with improved category management and space planning
  • Improve in-store success KPIs

Production - Improve transparency and accelerate new product introduction

  • Reduce defect rates regardless of plant or geographical location
  • Decrease COGS and inventory carrying costs up to 30 percent
  • Improved product tractability

Innovate - Innovate better with accelerated research and lab processes 

  • Reduce physical testing by up to 50 percent
  • Improve productivity with research solution
  • Complete digitization of R&D data
  • Less raw materials waste during development
  • Limit compliance exposure

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