Microsoft SharePoint Integration for Autodesk Vault Family

Integration Extends Reach of Autodesk Vault Family to Enterprise

Orange, CA – September 9, 2009 – The vdR Group announces it has released another integration for the Autodesk Vault family of data management solutions that offers bidirectional data exchange capabilities with Microsoft SharePoint.

As a long time partner to Autodesk, vdR continues to add to the list of data integrations for Autodesk Vault. The most recent integration will be highlighted at the upcoming Autodesk University event scheduled for the first week of December 2009 in Las Vegas.

The integration and supporting platform are sold and marketed by Autodesk.  The data exchange platform is branded as VaultConnect.  Each application integration “hooks” into VaultConnect via a “Data Exchange Adapater” or DXA.  Each DXA leverages the target application APIs and conventions for exchanging data.

Microstation to Autodesk Vault

Add-in for Bentley MicroStation

Autodesk Vault 2013® Add-in for Bentley MicroStation® is an integration product developed for Autodesk. Now users of Bentley Microstation® are able to manage their data within their Autodesk Vault environment. From Microstation, users have a toolbar and a menu similar to what’s found in AutoCAD to provide functionality such as check in, check out, etc. And with the data now in Autodesk Vault®, users can manage their MicroStation CAD data along with their AutoCAD data.

Autodesk Vault Connect

Autodesk Vault Connect® is an integration product developed for Autodesk. It provides the exchange of data between a client’s Autodesk Vault® environment with that of its corporate system or other business application. The transfer of data can be mapped from Vault to the client’s ERP system, and bi-directionally back, if desired. The process can be automated to allow for updates based on an action such as ‘Release’ in Vault or can be set up to be manually published at any time.

Autodesk Vault Connect® can also exchange data with other target applications; whether they be CAD, PLM, ECM, or ERP.