Experience, Expertise, Results

In business, results determine success. To be successful, your solution must be implemented quickly and seamlessly, and adopted effortlessly over a wide range of disciplines. The vdR Group's consulting services are designed to do exactly that.  Our consultants and professional services team understand the business challenges you face. They have deep and broad experience with CAD, PDM, PLM, ECM, and ERP platforms and have implementing solutions for engineering and manufacturing organizations around the world.

Discovery Workshops ... Let's get started!

The facilitated Discovery Workshop provides your organization with a thorough understanding of what it takes to move forward with a new initiative across numerous disciplines such as CAD, PDM,PLM, ECM, and ERP.  The Workshop includes a deep dive into your processes, discussions with key stakeholders, gap analysis and a review of your systems architecture.  At the end of the Discovery Session you will have a plan in-hand to guide you through the implementation and deployment of a solution configured to meet your needs which considers 4 key areas within your organization.

  • Operational Modeling: the first step in helping our customers optimize their use of new solutions.
  • Governance Assessment: Works through a comprehensive series of guidelines, procedures, good practices and compliance measures to establish the ongoing management of your solution.
  • User Experience: A user-centric approach that helps you optimize your use of new solutions.
  • System Design: A consultancy service offered to customers who require architecture design advice for sizing new systems or scaling existing systems.


Boost User Efficacy and Adoption

Maximize your technology investment by effectively leveraging and enhancing your products and solutions. Our comprehensive education programs meet the needs standards set by our partners such as Aras, OpenText and Autodesk.

Core Benefits

Our goal it to create domain experts with-in your organization.

  • Decreased Calls to Help Desk
  • Improved Understanding of ECM Solutions
  • Improved Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration
  • Increased User Adoption & Satisfaction
  • Management Confidence in Software Selection

Featured Training Course: Aras Innovator Introduction Series 

These courses combine hands-on use with lectures, exercises and labs to prepare power users, administrators and developers to use Aras Innovator. Courses cover administration, development, workflow and more.

The vdR Group works with leading organizations to offer valuable educational sessions and training courses on a range of best practice topics. These programs help companies gain important foundational knowledge necessary to achieve success. Topic areas include Configuration & Change Management Principles, Product Lifecycle Management Practices and more.

Implementation Services

vdR Can Help At Each Phase of Implementation

Our Iterative Implementation Methodology (IIM) provides a highly flexible framework to maximize resources and investment in as little as 60 days.  Domain expertise also makes us uniquely positioned to seamlessly on-board our solutions add-ons and products for OpenText, Aras and Autodesk solutions.