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Modeling/Workflow: Ease of Platform Configurability

You've probably heard the buzz about the Aras PLM Platform, powered by Aras Innovator, in industry trade magazines and around the water fountain. You found, downloaded and installed Aras Innovator. You like the out of the box capabilities and the processes work very well, but you want more. If only you could quickly get up to speed on how to align Aras Innovator with your companies specific needs, processes, and goals.

Register for this webinar and learn about the flexibility and configurability of the Aras Innovator platform to support your company's product development and product realization needs.

During the demonstration we will cover:

  • Creating and working with sequences and lists

  • Working with workflows and lifecycles

  • Modifying/updating existing business items with new properties

  • Working with permissions

  • How to create a new item type and forms