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Connecting the Dots: See Your PLM Data in a Whole New Way With Graph Navigation

The Aras PLM Platform provides a number of capabilities for displaying complicated data hierarchies and relationships. Through the Query Builder and Tree Grid View tools, visualizing data in configurable grids has never been easier. Starting in Aras Innovator SP15, we have introduced an entirely new dimension for visualizing and navigating data through the Graph Navigation capability.

In this webinar you will learn to configure a Graph View, customize it to your business needs, and attach it to any type of item in your system. The flexibility, ease of configurability, and ease of use of the Aras Platform that you have come to expect – and maybe even love! – is now extended to providing a way to graphically navigate any aspect of the PLM system. This includes the administration and data model components as well as the product data itself for PLM end users. You’ll never see PLM data in the same way!

Lisa Costa, Technical Solutions Manager, has been at Aras over four years and has been in the PLM, PDM, CAD, and Engineering industries over 30 years.