Can PLM Add Value for Owner Operators and EPC Organizations?

Beyond manufacturers, there is a significant opportunity to leverage Aras Innovator specifically for owner-operators (OO) and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) organizations.  Intuitively, applying product lifecycle management (PLM) might seem like a stretch.  How would engineering change management, configuration management, quality processes, component engineering and so-on apply to this space?

 First, let’s define this space.  OO and EPCs make significant investments in capital projects.  These projects show up as refineries, pipelines, petrochemicals plants, energy and power facilities, and natural resources operations for example.  They are typically large construction projects that can take multiple years to complete.

 The common challenges woven into these projects are a need for efficiencies and visibility throughout the design, construction and maintenance process, coupled with secure access to the latest and most current information.

 If we dissect these challenges and cut to the chase as to what technologies can make a difference, it’s all about document management, workflow and collaboration.  Of course, industry accepted best practices are vital as well.

 Therein is where Aras Innovator can play.  The above functional capabilities are already there.  Document management is an out-of-the-box application.  The flexible workflow solution can be tailored to support industry conventions.  And with the visual collaboration, users are able to review, markup and annotate drawings.