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CADnection Sponsor at Activate 2019

The ACTIVATE Conference explores the power of search and AI to unlock the value of data and deliver personalized digital experiences.

ACTIVATE spans four days, featuring presentations by technology and business leaders from innovative organizations using search and AI to solve their hardest problems and connect users to information, insights, and each other. 

ACTIVATE topics include search at scale, search relevance, AI & machine learning, data science, analytics, chatbots & virtual assistants, use cases in e-commerce and the digital workplace, and digital transformation. Developer tracks focus on Apache Solr and the Lucidworks Fusion platform.

The event kicks off with two days of hands-on technical training courses for Apache Solr developers and Lucidworks Fusion users. Courses are tailored for developers, devops engineers, admins, and data scientists. 

ACTIVATE is organized by Lucidworks and began in 2010 as Lucene Revolution, which grew into Lucene/Solr Revolution, an event dedicated to bringing together the Apache Solr open source community.

As search converged with AI and related technologies, the event relaunched as Activate in 2018 with an expanded program including Solr and complementary technologies at the intersection of search and AI. 

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