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Working Seamlessly Across the Enterprise with Visual Collaboration

Effective communication across the Enterprise is imperative to success. Clear and timely communication results in strong requirements and fast innovation. Communication across departments and regions is consistently a challenge, and therefore the communication vehicle is imperative to breaking down those barriers.

Aras’ Visual Collaboration enables effective communication in a secure environment, allowing you to work seamlessly across the Enterprise. Product content is easily viewable, including documents, drawings, 3D models, and images. Collaboration on this content is also enabled through commenting and markups.

This demonstration will review Visual Collaboration’s capabilities and highlight the effectiveness of clear communication across Aras Innovator.

You will learn how to view and add comments in the discussions panel, leverage the viewers to gain visibility into all related content, and create markups to effectively communicate changes needed.

Crystal Brandl is the Visual Collaboration Product Manager, dedicated to delivering a purposeful collaboration tool.