The History of vdR Group, Inc.

An excerpt from Cadence9 … born out of a history of technology innovation

The vdR Group is a 27 year old software development organization headquartered in Southern California. A significant portion of vdR’s revenues are generated from the licensing of various integration technologies and solutions for the engineering and manufacturing community. Partners include ArasAutodesk, and OpenText. Moreover, vdR does not market or sell direct to end users. It is strictly focused on technology innovation, software development and services to support our partners. It’s a simple business model – we build and maintain the technology.

About five years ago, vdR launched another company serving the needs of IT and engineering organizations. In contrast to vdR’s core business, this company did in fact market and sell direct to end users. Early on, it was determined that a completely digital marketing effort is all that would be pursued to launch and market this business unit – with a large amount of focus to include what we now call content marketing. Back then, the more common term was SEO. The concept was emerging that high ranking in SEO was all about developing keyword rich content, publishing everywhere you could and engaging your audience of prospective clients. What quickly became apparent was that more than half the time spent by the marketing team each day was consumed in the mechanics of content distribution, engaging and reporting…