Learning About Next Generation PLM has Never Been Easier

A Recap of The Aras Demo Series in 2018 (so far)

Aras and the vdR Group are making it easy to learn about next generation PLM. So far this year there have been over 17 live webinars highlighting new capabilities and features in the Aras PLM platform, Aras Innovator. If you weren't able to participate in these webinars, That's okay! Most of them have been recorded and published on Aras' YouTube channel or our website. To help you navigate all these resources, we've collected the Webinars you might have missed and organized them below.  

Also, if you're new to next generation PLM and not quite sure what the big deal is, we've prepared an infographic to help you get up to speed. At a high level, PLM is a combination of business strategy and technology that facilitates data cohesion, process repeatability, and responsiveness to change. The core business objectives of next generation PLM are the following:

  • Reduce Product Costs
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market
  • Increase Product Quality
  • Boost Customer Lifetime Value
  • Accurate & Timely Quoting
  • Ensure Ongoing Competitiveness

Here’s a recap of all the demos that have taken place in 2018. Enjoy!


Aras Innovator Demo Series - What is the Process for Upgrading

See how simple it is to request an upgrade of the Aras Innovator platform. Hear from Tom Turner on the simple steps it takes to be successful when upgrading.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - What Are The Types of Upgrades

Did you know there are four types of upgrades of the Aras Innovator platform? Learn about the different types from Tom Turner.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - How Do I Request An Upgrade

Tom Turner walks you through the five phases of requesting an upgrade of the Aras Innovator platform. Upgrades start with a questionnaire and finish up with verification.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Aras Platform and System Models

Systems Engineering with Aras Innovator as an approach to your product development. You will learn how to manage your product innovation platform in PLM, initiate new system models from PLM data, dynamic interactions with PLM data within a SysML model, bi-directional synchronization and inclusion of sysML data in a PLM generated technical data package.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Query Definitions and Tree Grid Views

The Aras PLM Platform provides the capability to display data as a graphical view, showing only the configured set of properties and related content that are relevant to a user-defined purpose.

Data for today’s large, complex products changes constantly as the products evolve throughout their managed lifecycle. Accessing and visualizing this data using a simple, intuitive user interface is paramount so that stakeholders can gain the insight they need to perform their job.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how Query and Tree Grid View Definitions can be built using a graphical interface to identify the specific elements of their data model and configure how this information is displayed to their end users.

Kevin Richard is a senior Product Manager at Aras and has 25 years of experience in Software Engineering, Logistics, 3D Visualization, Simulation, and Information Architecture.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Inside the Aras PLM Platform

This animated whiteboard video illustrates the features of the Aras PLM Platform. Discover how Aras’ unique service-oriented architecture enables many of the world’s leading companies to digitally transform their processes for rapid innovation and growth.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Using EBOMS for Error-Free MBOMs

Effectively Leverage your EBOMs to Create Error-free MBOMs Integrated with Manufacturing Work Instructions

In today’s complex and fast-paced manufacturing assembly environment your manufacturing engineers likely find themselves dealing with disconnected systems. Creating MBOMs from EBOMs, authoring process plans and work instructions, and ensuring synchronization with evolving product designs can be time-consuming and error-prone.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Integrated CAD Data Management

Managing CAD and Multi-CAD is an essential task for any company. Capturing and leveraging the data for the entire organization is a bigger task. The Aras PLM Platform can manage all of your Multi-CAD CAD data in a single Enterprise system.

In this session, we will show how to collaborate and manage your CAD data from concept to release. We will walk through and demonstrate how Aras integrates directly with your CAD tool.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Effectivity

A single product structure can handle numerous configurations by using effectivity that identifies what is valid to be used under different conditions. Managing such a configurable structure is more efficient than managing a structure for each unique instance.

Effectivity Services on the Aras PLM Platform provides the means to set effectivity within structures, as well as the effectivity resolution engine that resolves structures for any given effectivity criteria.

If your business uses effectivity in managing product data, join this webinar to understand how you can use Aras for effectivity management to fit your business needs.

You will learn how to define effectivity variables relevant to your business (such as date, model, unit, lot, batch, and plant), set effectivity conditions on relationships, and recursively resolve structures based on effectivity criteria to generate configured structures.

Ayla Singhal, with 20 years of experience in PLM software and consulting, is a Product Manager at Aras.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Impresa MRO

Impresa MRO provides robust capabilities for OEMs looking to create new business models (Capacity as a Service, Product as a Service) to support complex field maintenance services for the products they produce. This flexible solution aligns maintenance best practices and enterprise business processes in order lower the cost of maintenance. The Impresa MRO application can support many different maintenance management requirements regardless of if you are an OEM, Owner/Operator, or 3rd Party Depot.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Program Management

Organizations leverage projects to manage temporary work that ultimately achieves a result, driving down costs and increasing transparency. Project tools are needed to track and assign work, manage the expected schedule, map dependencies, and set milestones that ultimately communicate overall expectations to stakeholders.

Aras’ Program Management application provides a comprehensive project execution tool to assist with managing scope, time, resources, deliverables, and communication. Based on PMI principles, project managers can calculate critical path, automate notifications, standardize projects using templates, and manage a project throughout its lifecycle.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Flexible PLM

The Aras Product Innovation Platform has the flexibility that you need to make the Aras Innovator PLM solution match your exact business needs. With other PLM systems, changes to the default behaviors and data model are either complicated or flat out not possible.

 Changing the out-of-the-box forms, permissions, lifecycles, workflows, and even modeling a specific application from the ground up is within your reach with no to minimal need to write code. You will see how easy it can be to modify the Aras Innovator system.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Multi Lingual and Localization

Global organizations are increasingly relying on a PLM Platform to coordinate development of complex, connected products. To ensure high user acceptance the PLM system must support multiple languages. This affects the PLM system’s UI and can also affect textual data managed in the PLM system.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Variants and Options with the Aras PLM Platform

Aras demonstrates more about Configurator Services, including how to define and manage variability, distinguish variable from static content such as parts or technical documentation within configurable structures and more.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Breaking Down Barriers with Aras Visual Collaboration

Legacy PLM systems have long struggled to provide a secure, connected, collaborative environment for promoting efficient product development among widely dispersed participants. Files created by specialist authoring tools (like MCAD/ECAD) are not easily accessible to other team members, and there are no easy ways to securely share comments in context.

Aras Visual Collaboration, a core capability in the Aras PLM Platform, breaks down communication barriers, allowing you to easily view and comment on parts and documents, providing security, control, and context to your product development discussions. Aras Visual Collaboration provides everyone from engineering, manufacturing, quality, and suppliers the ability to communicate more effectively, make decisions quickly, and solve problems faster.


Aras Innovator Demo Series - Jump-starting your Digital Transformation with the Aras PLM Platform

Watch as we show how the Aras Product Innovation Platform weaves a digital thread through your Business of Engineering.


Overview of the Aras PLM Platform

Learn more about how you can transform your business processes and connect your teams to valuable product information across the enterprise with the Aras PLM Platform.