A&D organizations are developing state-of-the-art products with exceptional performance goals. Concurrently, regulatory, quality and compliance concerns are ever-increasing. PLM can facilitate innovation to meet the challenge. Learn More

Project planning, engineering and execution need to seamlessly work together. Our AEC solutions enable a holistic approach to the development of construction projects that improves collaboration, synchronization and productivity. Learn More

Automotive solutions help cut costs, and improve productivity while promoting reuse of parts, assemblies, and even documentation. Shorten product design cycles, reduce time-to-market, and cut material costs. Learn More


As consumer packaged goods (CPG) continue to globalize, the intricacies of on-trend, on-time and on-cost are more interrelated than ever. This requires innovation and collaboration to respond to market trends quickly.  Learn More

The energy and natural resources industry operates in a complex environment whose growth driver is innovation.  React with speed and precision on capital projects while considering hundreds of decision points. Learn More

Food and Beverage industry increasingly faces production and pricing demands from customers, progressively complex supply chains, and ever-changing regulation and safety requirements on ingredients and processes.  Learn More


Increasingly complex products and narrow market windows are challenging the high-tech electronics industry.  Other factors include highly distributed supply chains, global regulations and aggressive pricing.  Learn More

To maintain their competitive advantage, industrial manufacturers must balance a complex product design, unpredictable global economy, pricing competition and constant changes in suppliers, and increasing regulations.  Learn More

The utilities industry operates in a complex environment whose core growth driver is innovation.  Learn how to better react with speed and precision on large capital projects while minimizing risk.  Learn More  


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