Driving Quality, Compliance and Lean Product Development

Today’s automotive company is challenged to design and develop vehicles in increasingly tight cycle times with globally dispersed teams. Increased customer demands for connected vehicles and electrification, including hybrid and battery-powered vehicles, add to the pressures. And combined with aggressive CAFE requirements, industry light-weighting initiatives and the emergence of autonomous vehicles marks a time of unprecedented change for product development teams.

Traditional PLM, with its focus on 3D mechanical design, ignores the challenges of managing electronics and software and the interfaces with manufacturing and suppliers. With increasing product complexity and compressed product cycles, today’s automotive company simply can’t succeed with yesterday’s PLM.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • integrating cross-discipline design authoring tools directly or via legacy PLM/PDM/ALM systems
  • implementing cross-discipline BoM and change management processes
  • providing improved access to suppliers
  • connecting and supporting other critical processes - e.g. requirements, project management, quality, process planning and technical documentation

Aras Drives Innovation at GETRAG Ford

Discover how GETRAG Magna Powertrain standardized processes enterprise-wide with Aras PLM without investing millions of dollars.  Read the Whitepaper


Preconfigured Automotive Solution Modules

Highlights and Benefits

  • Model Driven Program Execution- Preconfigured, integrated solutions to improve supplier related transactions while decreasing risks associated with bringing emerging technologies and materials to market.
  • Integrated Manufacturing - managing everything from power train manufacturing, body-in-white and final assembly processes in cross-functional environments. 
  • Automotive OEMs - ensure you can manage complex, cross-domain processes and methodologies from a single and secure environment. 
  • Body Systems - process-driven development and manufacturing for transportation and automotive body engineering such as the use of composites from previous vehicle concept, through to production.


  • Interior Systems -  enable engineers to develop and innovative seat, cargo and interior components.
  • Electronics & Software (Mechatronics) - Cross-functional electronics module and integrations for mechanical functions, electrical wiring and electronic consoles
  • Power Train Systems - closed-loop product development for the automotive power train lifecycle, from initial development through production, service and support.

Automotive and Transportation Resources

Case Studies

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Discover how GETRAG Magna Powertrain standardized processes enterprise-wide with Aras PLM without investing millions of dollars.  Read the Whitepaper

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Automotive product teams are challenged to remain competitive, optimize operational efficiencies, and achieve profitability in the face of exponential product complexity. This is today’s Business of Engineering.

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