Component Engineering

Component Engineers need easy access to up-to-date electronic component information in order to minimize errors, eliminate cost overruns, plan for obsolescence of components and comply with RoHS and other Directives.  They typically access information from many different sources and much of it can be hard to find, incomplete, or obsolete.

The Aras Component Engineering Application provides access to critical information on hundreds of millions of electronic components, electro-mechanical parts and fasteners from over 2,000 worldwide manufacturers in more than 400 categories from the IHS CAPS database. It also provides visibility to which components have already been sourced in the organization, leading to lower purchase costs and less proliferation of the same component from different vendors.

By attending this seminar, you will learn how your Component Engineering sourcing operation can be improved by reducing costs and mitigating risks and delays in your company’s products.

In this seminar you will learn how the Aras Component Engineering Application, as part of the Aras PLM Platform, empowers Component Engineers with a single source of Electronic Component information - enabling them to make informed decisions on appropriate components to select from already purchased components or sourcing new components.

Craig Currie will be presenting, he is a Product Manager at Aras Corp and is responsible for the Component Engineering application.