Product Engineering

Many companies manage parts, multi-level bill of materials (BOMs), approved vendor and manufacturer lists (AVL/AML), documents, and engineering changes in several systems using distinct processes. This makes it difficult to keep the data in sync across systems. Users of the information often need to go to different applications to find the data they need.

In the Product Engineering application on the Aras PLM Platform, product structures are linked to parts, AML/AVL, and documents, and are managed with controlled engineering change processes. Managing the data on a single platform inherently keeps the data in sync, allowing users to navigate, view and author it based on permissions. By controlling this data in one place, engineers will be able to access the correct information, improving productivity, customer satisfaction and your business profitability.

In this demo, you will learn how engineering data is created, viewed, and updated in the Product Engineering application using a controlled change process through automated workflow, to increase productivity and reduce redundant entry, errors, and rework.