Making Sense of Unstructured Data


Over the past several years, vdR has sought to represent the Aras Innovator solution to companies in the engineering, construction and manufacturing space.  Along the way, it is becoming clear that relevant data has settled into three categories … unstructured, legacy applications and database-oriented applications such as home-grown Access apps, PDM and even PLM.  Of course, Aras Innovator offers a breath of fresh air to the weary workers trying to corral the data and establish repeatable processes.

 But the reality is, even with Aras Innovator in place, the amount of unstructured data continues to grow unabated.  In fact, check the chart out below …

Q4 Partner Update Graphic.png

Admittedly, the data is a few years old.  But the underlying message is clear - unstructured data is exploding.  This is what’s driven vdR to pursue an PLM layer on Aras Innovator to address this unstructured data issue. Ultimately this layer, coupled Aras Innovator’s reporting and process management capabilities, is designed to unlock the insights, experiences, expertise and ultimately the intellectual property that’s trapped throughout the enterprise.

 This solution leverages both machine learning and the latest search/indexing technology to ingest large amounts of unstructured data to make it actionable and help inform repeatable processes. Today we’re working with a select group of “partners in development” and are eager engage others interested in tackling this issue with us. Stay tuned.