Looking Back A Year Ago - Q4 2017

A Lot Has Happened Since Aras was Highlighted in Forrester’s Q4 2017 Assessment of the PLM Industry

Highlights from Forester Research’s Assessment

Aras is Recognized as a Disruptive PLM Front-Runner

Forrester’s research uncovered a market in which Aras along with PTC and Dassault Systèmes led the pack. While Siemens, Oracle, SAP, and Autodesk provided compelling offerings they lag behind Aras in a number of key areas highlighted in the report.

Companies Are Looking For Customer-Centric Support, Flexibility, And Openness

“The PLM market for discrete manufacturers is growing, as more product development pros see PLM as a way to address their top challenges. Whether starting from scratch or updating a legacy PLM software suite, buyers seek a vendor that values their feedback and requirements and a solution that is flexible and open to their existing enterprise software ecosystem.”

Consistent Data Management And Analytics Capabilities Are Key Differentiators

As legacy PLM technology becomes outdated and less effective, the ability to keep product development data consistent across the entire product life cycle and use that data to run robust data analytics were key themes outlined by customer references.