Creating a “PLM Beachhead” That Drives Immediate Value

By David van der Roest

Is it possible to realize 80% of a PLM solution's value with 20% of the Effort?

Industry analysts and pundits continue to propose that PLM is entering a “Golden Age.” When one considers the factors at play such as globalization, platformization, the IOT, interdependent supply chains, and the increasingly impatient consumer, to just name a few, it does seem to be a perfect storm for PLM. The need for competitiveness and innovation (that is sustainable) has never been greater. However, if the value is so great and the pundits are right, why is PLM underutilized by most organizations?

Put simply, the promise of PLM is intimidating and people don’t know where to start.

Just because PLM can do everything, doesn’t mean is should - especially when starting out. Far too many consultants and service providers are happy to help you find the end of the PLM rainbow when in reality 80% of the value is driven by 20% of a solution’s functional scope. How can this “20%” be found before time and money are wasted.  Join Martin van der Roest at next week’s webinar and learn how to equip yourself with proven strategies that emphasize the importance data cohesion and process automation as foundational pieces of a PLM solution.   Using this approach will help identify the “20%” and produce a solutions that scales and extends value throughout the enterprise.

What will I learn in this webinar?

  • Quantitatively diagnose my organization’s strengths and weaknesses as it relates to PLM

  • Identify where to create my “PLM beachhead” with multi-variable PLM value matrices

  • How to apply the Pareto Principle to PLM evaluations and implementations

  • How to incrementally build on small “wins” to create a foundation for enterprise-wide value

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